Pledge of Commitment
We the officials and employees of the Technological University of the Philippines Visayas, from this day onward commit to:
Take measures against corruption practices by maintaining transparency, accountability honesty, and integrity in the discharge of our responsibilities;

Uphold the University's commitment towards excellence, not only in technological education, but also in the delivery of services to our stakeholders;

Provide quality technological education and training matching the manpower needs in the region and the nation;

Value and respond to our clientele's feedback and complaints about the quality of service they receive;

Instill in our hearts and minds that dedicated service is what is demanded of us as government service providers;

Show courtesy and helpfulness by adopting a stakeholder- approach in every transaction with our clientele;

Abide by the mandate of the TUP Visayas Citizen's Charter, the co-authorship of which we acknowledge;

Yield to our clientele's demand for fast and efficient service because they deserve nothing less;

Acts as vanguards of the Citizen's Charter movement, and as such, we can be the catalyst of change;

Strive continuously to be of service to our clientele thereby contributing to the government's efforts towards improving the efficiency in the delivery of public service.

All these we PLEDGE because you deserve nothing but the BEST.