Vision and Missions


  The Technological University of the Philippines shall be the premier state university with recognized excellence in engineering and technology at par with leading universities in the ASEAN Region.
  The University shall provide higher and advanced vocational, technical, industrial, technological and professional education and training in industries and technology, and in practical arts leading to certificates, diplomas and degree.
It shall provide progressive leadership in applied research, developmental studies in technical, industrial, and technological fields and production using indigenous materials; effect technology transfer in the countryside; and assist in the development of small-and-medium scale industries in identified growth centers. (Reference: P.D. No. 1518, Section 2)
Goal No. 1 - Quality and Responsive Curricular Offerings
Provide quality and responsive academic programs relevant to the needs of time integrating values on lasting peace and the rule of law, integrity in governance, environment protection, climate change adaptation and mitigation, as well as other thrust in the national agenda.
Goal No. 2 - Excellence in Engineering and Technology Research
Conduct researches on technology and technology education and related fields that shall contribute to the enhancement of the quality of life, sustainable economic growth, environment protection and climate change adaptation and mitigation.
Goal No. 3 - Leadership in Community Services
Provide a relevant extension program in technology, technology education and livelihood skills towards poverty reduction and empowerment of the poor and marginalized sectors of society.
Goal No. 4 - Strengthening Capability and Competence
Build a pool of highly qualified, competent and multi-skilled faculty and staff to produce globally competitive graduates who are expected to contribute to rapid and sustained economic growth of country.
Goal No. 5 - Modernized University System and Efficient Management System of Resources to Support Expansion
Upgrade its physical plant and facilities needed to maintain excellence and implement aggressive, efficient, and effective management of organizational resources and processes through transparent, accountable and participatory governance.
Goal No. 6 - Increased Financial Viability
Formulate and implement viable/relevant production activities/business ventures including technology transfer and commercialization using University's available human/material resources that will generate income to support instruction, research and extension programs.
Goal No. 7 - Enhanced Network and Sustained Collaboration Initiatives
Strengthen institutional collaboration and synergy through enhanced networking and shall establish, expand and sustain partnerships with both government and private sectors, industries and scientific organizations on academic endeavors locally and internationally.