Human Resourse

    Technological University of the Philippines Visayas improves the effectiveness and efficiency of its operations by investing in its people. The Management ensures that its personnel are competent and capable based on appropriate, training, performance, potential and eligibility.  Recruitment and hiring of Permanent, Temporary, Casual and Contract of Service Personnel shall be done on the competence requirements of the respective tasks.

The Division, Section, and Department Heads identify their requirements on manpower for the Human Resource Management Office to recruit.  The Human Resource Management provides support to attract the most competent and qualified applicants for appointment to appropriate positions in the administrative, faculty and academic staff of the University based on merit, fitness, eligibility and equality to perform their duties and responsibilities for the position.

All new employees shall be made to undergo an orientation program which acquaints themselves with the University vision, mission, goals and objectives, thrusts, organization set-up; their assigned tasks, and other related areas. 

The University shall train and develop its faculty and staff to ensure performance of their jobs, and development as persons to meet its needs for competence for its effective operation. Performance evaluation shall be performed semi-annually by the respective division or section heads (for the staff) or when changes to the processes of the organization shall occur, and at the closing of the first and second terms of every school year by self, supervisor (division/department head), peers and students of each faculty member (for the faculty). 

The Human Resource Management Office is responsible for coordinating closely with the Campus Human Resource Development Committee the different sections or departments of the institutions on training plans and programs needed to upgrade the quality of teaching and support services. For the Faculty, the  Faculty and Academic Staff Selection/Promotion Board (FASSPB)  is composed of the chair, the Asst. Director for Academic Affairs, the members — the Asst. Director for Administration and Finance,Asst. Director for Research and Extension, Head of Office  where the vacancy exists, and Representative from the Faculty Association; and  the Secretary,  the Human Resource Management Officer. For the Staff, the Selection/Promotion Board for Administrative Personnel (SBAP) is composed of the chair, the Asst. Director for Administration and Finance, the members — the Asst. Director for Academic Affairs, Asst. Director for Research and Extension, Head of Office where the vacancy exists, and  Representative from the Staff Association; and the Secretary-- the Human Resource Management Officer. The Division and Section/Department Heads define the training needs of their personnel and ensure that their training programs are implemented and monitored. 

The Human Resource Management Office maintains the 201 files of the faculty and staff of the University.  Aside from maintaining the active files of the personnel records, the Office helps develop and implement policies on performance appraisal, leave administration, wage and salary administration, and other incentive or benefit packages for all faculty and staff.

The Management also determines and provides facilities and work space needed by its people to perform effectively their assigned tasks.  Necessary transportation vehicles and communication systems are provided and maintained to deliver quality services. It also determines and manages the work environment needed by the University in such a way that it brings desirable influence on the employees’ work performance.



1. Merit System for Administration, Faculty and Academic Staff

2. Policies and Guidelines on Integrated Staff Development

3. Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE)

4. Personnel Assistance and Welfare Fund (PAWF)

5. Omnibus Rules on Leave

6. Revised Omnibus Rules on Appointment and Other Personnel Actions

7. Annual Human Resource Development Plan

8. Performance Evaluation Forms

9. Orientation Programs