Gender and Development

Gender and Development

  This Office supports the identification of Gender and Development strategies, plans, projects and budget for the University. It ensures that the implementation and mainstreaming of the programs and projects of Gender and Development  Focal Point System of the University is in full compliance with the provisions of the Philippine Plan for Gender-Responsive Development and the Beijing Platform for Action,  and  requirements by the national and international regulations and the whole university system in  collaboration    with    the   different  sectors  of the University, the local government,  and the  communities that the University serves.  It also provides support to students, faculty and staff with disability, and those belonging to the group of the senior citizens of the University.  With the concerned offices, it coordinates for the  integration of Gender and Development  plans and programs in the activities for personnel and students, strengthen  partnerships with other agencies and organizations on Gender and Development advocacies and other activities, and recommends  awards and recognition to outstanding institutional  gender and development programs, activities and projects,  and/or the Focal Point members.

  • Benchmark Activity

    We learn from one another.

    And this is the essence of paying a visit with fellow SUC, Philippine Normal University located in Cadiz City, Negros Occidental.

    Last December 18, 2018, after an hour and thirty minutes bus ride to the northern part of the province, the TUPV GAD Coordinator reached PNU in the Visayas- Hub for Environment and Green Technology Education.

    After meeting with the key officials of the Campus, the benchmarking activity successfully ended with possible collaborative plans on sharing or exchanging expertise on areas of research, extension and technology transfer.


    With PNU-Cadiz Director and Dean of Academics

    With Extension In-Charge and Head of Environment and Green Technology Education

  • Woman Inspiring TUPVians

    Donned in the traditional Muslim turban, Qadria Naji, an American-Palestinian, amazed TUPVians with her experiential knowledge of various cultural practices affecting women and children in her work as Peace Corps volunteer assigned as refugee facilitator in New Mexico. Now a volunteer youth organizer in the City of Talisay, Qadria enthralled her audience with her zest for community service, her love for the people of Talisay and her knowledge of the local Hiligaynon dialect put into practice. .

    Through her aforementioned work experiences, Qadria inspired her audience with her sharings, group dynamic reflective activity and down-to-earth answers during the open forum session held last December 11, 2018 at TUPV Gym. The forum was closely coordinated with other allied classes from the Basic Arts & Sciences Department.


  • The Police Reports

    As part of the 18-day campaign to eliminate violence against women and children, PO1 Ivy Alvarez, PO1 Margarette Lachica, and SPO1 Joffrey Cabiton, representatives from the Children’s and Women’s Desk of the Talisay City Police Station came to TUPVisayas to share with students and teachers the salient points of Republic Act 9262 or anti- violence against women and children .

    The three law enforcers also upheld their commitment to EVAWC by affixing their signatures on the orange heart which symbolizes a stop to eliminate violence against women and children.

    The activity was held at the TUPV Training Center last November 27, 2018.


  • GST for Staff
    You and I: We are Family

    This was the theme of the Gender Sensitivity Training made for the faculty and staff of TUPVisayas last September 21 and 28, 2018 at the University Training Center.

    The activity started with unfreezer activity, then the setting of the participants’ expectations, a journey to appreciating the self, differentiating the gender and sex roles, moved towards various social agents affecting the individual, women’s and children’s rights, and the TUPV community gender and development thrusts.

    The activity aimed to further and strengthen the mainstreaming of gender concepts and issues to TUPV employees.